Irene Fernández Arcas is an interdisciplinary artist, creating installation, performative rituals, drawing, painting, photography and text.  Born in the south of Spain, Berlin based. She works with new concepts of spirituality and healing in art. The importance of the Now. Her artworks are experiments, research on domestic rituals.

Currently she collaborate with Collective Disaster, COVEN BERLIN, and work as an Art Mediator in the Boros Collection.

“Spirituality, Womenhood and Process are notions I work a lot with; the act of creation itself. There are always personal ritualistic gestures on the dramaturgy of habits of every artist, bringing out of the transcendental mind or body whatever is stored there. Yes, to me art is a sacred place. Is not that all art is holy but the art practice itself is. Enlightening.

To draw is to capture forces. I could even say I understand myself as a medium.

My drawings are attempts of self transformation.  From the outside I translate stories. I get inspired by small movements; it is often a line on the wall, or a feeling of empathy. I carry that on the studio and transform it. On the inside, there is a discussion (sometimes subconscious) within oneself in another layer: the paper. It’s often charged with a sort of humor. There this power of transformation what Art has can be used.”


Photography: Linus Mullerschön