This project is a compilation of conversations with artists, architects, writers, curators, philosophers.

The research and series of dialogues was conceptualized by myself (Irene Fernández Arcas) and realized in the context of my theoretical final paper for the graduation in Painting at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee for Knut Ebeling’s colloquium.

It is a sketch, an unfinished experiment, a laboratory in motion, an attempt to decipher and represent some ideas from philosophy and theory. Whereas theoretical works vaunted by the academy can often seem hermetic and exclusionary, I want the gesture here to be the opposite. This text is, hopefully, as approachable as the people I spoke to.

Together with these people, we discussed metanoia, self transformation, xeno and xenofeminism, finding new perspectives on art, and a possible new term/idea: “xeno-art”.